The Kingdom of Cydonia has grown and flourished over the past three centuries. Cydonia is comprised of several regions. The heart of the kingdom is located in a thriving city that bears the same name. Several outlying towns and settlements exist on the plains to the west of the kingdom including the farming communities of Ooljee and Ramacharda. These towns are closely linked to the capital and provide work and shelter to the growing population of citizens seeking out jobs.

To the north of Cydonia rest the Kurail Mountains, which stretch to the northern and eastern coasts. The mountains shift into the dense and lush Ardenlow Forest as the range travels west. The town of Budur is a growing settlement that has been carved out between the meeting place of the Kurail Mountains and the Ardenlow Forest. The people of Budur are considered the most independent of the Cydonian Kingdom. Their proximity to the difficult terrain and the wide variety of creatures and races that reside in the forest and mountains has hardened their resolve as generations of families have spent decades working hard labor (eg., mining) for the kingdom. The Ardenlow Forest and Kurail Mountains combine to make travel further north impossible. Numerous adventurers and explorers have attempted to chart to the peak of the mountains and beyond but none have returned. In addition to the treacherous terrain, the weather in the northern range of Cydonia is harsh and brutal.

The Tougard Family has reigned over Cydonia during the centuries of growth. King Tougard VI is the current ruler of Cydonia and the masses have been ruled over through a combination of military strength and religious doctrine. The defenders of Cydonia are centralized and commanded from Castle Tougard, but legions are stationed throughout the lands to keep peace and fight off attacks from evil creatures and bandits. A variety of forces have threatened the safety of Cydonia’s cities although Tougard VI has managed to find peace with their most prominent neighbors beyond the shores.

In addition to their military might and disciplined commanders, the Tougard family has utilized religion to control the masses and dissuade them from a potential uprising. The Chizoba Sect is a highly structured and organized religious order spread throughout Cydonia. Each town features numerous Chizoba meeting halls and churches with extensive rituals and doctrine. Crimes are not only seen as a violation of law but also a violation of the gods, and punishments are swift and severe. The moral authority wielded by the Chizoba permeates all corners of Cydonia and assists to retain order as the population explodes. High Priest Adamar is seen as the head of the Chizoba and reports directly to King Tougard VI.

Kingdom of Cydonia